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"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill.

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Welcome to Dynamic Strategies

    We are engaged in providing solutions to various verticals in the industry by ISO Consulting, Training & Development, Career Counselling, Study Abroad and Work Permit & Immigration Assistance. Our services are governed by a strict code of ethics which ensures we provide timely, effective and economical solutions to our clients while maintaining complete confidentiality.

    Management Consulting
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    Our proven practices will assist you in envisioning and defining a strategic direction for your organization. We help you blueprint a strategy to capitalize on market opportunities by leveraging on your existing capabilities or recommending new competencies that you should build.

    We have laid down a thoughtful strategy, which reflects our yen to keep the clients always satisfied and strengthening our associations with our partners, associates, professionals, and clients.

  • Training Solutions

    Dynamic Strategies is one of the fastest growing corporate training organizations in the region today and since inception it has consulted with several clients & individuals. Dynamic Strategies has directly serviced and provided training solutions for a number of Individuals & corporate houses across the country and abroad. All our training programs are not just session of knowledge sharing or a set of activities and exercises that are woven together to fill up the duration of the training program. Our programs are unique and striking for several reasons...

  • Coaching & Mentoring

    This training programme is aimed at either senior executives, who wish to become Professional Mentors as the next stage of their careers, or managers within companies, who want to achieve a higher level of competence as mentors. It consists of 8-12 days of classroom training, covering a detailed curriculum in this field.

  • Education Consulting

    Working with a network of Government Certified International Education Consultants worldwide, Dynamic Strategies can assist, advice and work for your child's education dream.

    As every education abroad aspirant wishes and deserve to get best guidance to match their profile, at Dynamic Strategies we plan the entire process of migrating the students to foreign universities in a very systematic manner. The organized approach and a strong association with Universities are quite helpful to students who choose Dynamic Strategies Consultants as their guide. Dynamic Strategies offers a solution for every query under the sun related to education abroad. The organization’s only aim is to assist students to move to the best colleges and universities abroad, and creating great career opportunities for them.

  • Immigration & Work Abroad Consulting

    With easier immigration and amazing opportunities, working in a foreign country has become a very popular trend. More and more Indians are looking for suitable job opportunities abroad.

    We not only guide you in regards to different opportunities available in Canada but also assist you through entire process of applying for Immigration to the final settlement in Canada and other developed countries like United Kingdom, United States of America (US), Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia. We deal in all categories of immigration be it Federal Skilled Workers, Business Immigration, Student visas, Family category, Appeals and all other immigration matters.

  • Management Consulting

    Dynamic Strategies is a full service management and business consulting firm specializing in assisting small to medium size businesses. Whether you need to design a business and marketing plan, assistance in strategic planning, prepare an accounting budget, projections, cash flow analysis, or just need an operations troubleshooter, Dynamic Strategies can help your company in the present and the future...

  • ISO Consulting

    Dynamic Strategies Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a full-service International Quality Management Systems & Standards(ISO, OHSAS, CMMI & CE Marking) consulting, auditing and training organization with years of experience in international management system standards. We help you achieve your Quality Management goals in a practical, precise and value added way.

    Dynamic Strategies specializes in the entire range of all ISO System Certification Standards and specializes in implementing customized solutions to help organizations meet and exceed their quality and performance objectives.

    Our Consultants provide delight consulting service and training for achieving desired results...

  • SA8000: 2014 Standard Consulting

    The SA8000 Standard was first published in September 1997 after a multi-stakeholder, consensus based drafting process. SA8000 is an auditable, voluntary standard that intends to: sustainably empower and protect all personnel within an organisation’s control and influence who provide products or services for that entity, through a management systems-based approach. This includes personnel employed by the organisation itself, as well as home workers and those employed by its suppliers, sub-contractors and sub-suppliers.

  • Dream Job in 90 days!!

    Our service provides Job Search Assistance clubbed with Customized Interview Coaching for Job Aspirants which improves the probability of receiving an Interview call and enhances your success rate. The coaching process is so designed that it requires equal participation from your side as a candidate in following our guidelines which helps in getting you early and positive results.

    If getting a great job is important for you, then joining this “Job Interview Coaching” will be the most important first step! By joining this course, you will have started your journey towards success in professional life. You will soon find that this course may prove to be perhaps the most valuable investment of your life. If you are a fresher and are submitting your resume to Job Portals for the first time and are just getting started, you will find the course extremely useful.

  • Creative Design Solutions

    Every business organization, whether small or big, portrays to cut a position in the commercial market. Corporate identity design helps build brand image; a solid brand image productively engraves a company’s products and services in the minds of its clients and probable customers.

    Corporate identity design services including logo, letter hand, brochures, leaflets/flyers and envelope design, etc.

  • English Speaking Course - Improve English Speaking Skills

    Practicing and improving your English skills at Dynamic Strategies will give you the courage and confidence you need when you are speaking English to other people.

    To speak confidently you need knowledge of vocabulary, sentence structure, pronunciation, and finally listening comprehension to understand the other person so you can reply. At Dynamic Strategies you will be practicing all of this in our activities while you are practicing speaking English.

    Many learners master the fine points of English grammar but find themselves at a loss when it comes to actually having a conversation with native speakers. In reality, the only way to develop fluency in speaking is by huge amounts of listening, and then practicing.

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Disclaimer: Dynamic Strategies Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (known as Dynamic Strategies) is primarily a consulting company that offers advice globally.

We are a company registered under Ministry of Corporatre Affair (Govt. of India) (LLPIN/CIN/1A Ref No. U72200HR2013PTC048383), and are not affiliated with any govt. agency. but We work only with Regulated Licensed (Globally Recognized) Immigration Advisers.

All the official fee payment if any and form purchasing will be done from the government offices directly as we don't sell anything that can be procured from any Govt. Office.

Dynamic Strategies will only charge for the consultation services availed from them which are not provided by any Govt. Agency.