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What if you're not sure of what kind of job or career you want? Not sure what to do with your life? Need some career direction? Spend some time here and take one or more of the following self-assessment tests to give you a better idea of your attitudes and interests as they relate to possible career choices.

Our Career Assessments vary considerably in terms of interactivity, what they measure and what kind of results they provide.

Interactivity: The assessments that are easiest to use and take the greatest advantage of the Internet's capabilities are fully interactive. You check off boxes or circles with your mouse, click a 'Submit' button, and poof, you get results. Non-interactive assessments generally need to be printed out, completed, and scored manually.

What is measured: Assessments used in career counselling generally measure interests, skills, values, or personality or some combination of these. While some assessments are primarily personality tests, the results have applications in the career realm, suggesting that people with certain personalities are best suited to certain careers;

Results: Some results are in the form of a skimpy list of possible careers. Others are highly detailed interpretations.

Dynamic Strategies® Career Assessment Tools:

Here is our list:

  1. For Teens and Young Adults "LiveCareer": This unique tool is developed to assist high school and college students, and adults with educational and career planning, and will help you discover the college majors and rewarding careers that match your interests. Provides a detailed report, with career implications and jobs that match your pattern;
  2. For Established Job-Seekers or Career Changers "CareerMaze": if you're looking for some career direction, then taking this assessment might be just the answer for you. This assessment is an online tool designed to help you find your future by increasing your self-knowledge. Provides a detailed report, with career implications and jobs that match your pattern;
  3. MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) Assessment: Fill in a questionnaire that has 71 triads of three statements. Assessment is designed to guide, motivate, and empower people to achieve your greatest educational and career potential. Provides "teaser" results;
  4. Personality Development Tests from Dynamic Strategies®: Personality and Career preference tests, including Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory Tests, where you can learn more about yourself and career options.

Finding a career that you'll enjoy can help you look forward to going to work every day! By recognizing and using your strengths, you can also open the door to professional opportunities.

  1. Psychometric Tests: The most detailed Personality Assessment Tests available at a very nominal professional charges, For the vast majority of medium-large sized organisations worldwide, rigorous assessment of candidates is an integral part of the recruitment process, especially when it comes to filling those elusive top jobs. So whether you're after a junior management, senior management or even director level position, or simply want to familiarise yourself with the very latest selection and recruitment techniques;
  2. IQ and Career Aptitude Test: With our IQ & career aptitude tests, we'll ask you several questions - about your hobbies, your talents, what you enjoy doing, what you hate, what you favour, what you appreciate, etc. Your answers can help us determine your skills and interests - and find a career field that matches them;

The career aptitude tests try to determine how well you likely perform a role in future. They analyze your skills including your verbal, numerical and spatial capabilities. They focus upon:

Theories of Counsellng-Psychoanalytic

  1. Your capability to think logically and analyze correctly;
  2. Your areas of strength and weaknesses;
  3. Your leadership qualities;
  4. Your comprehension and communication skills;
  5. Your capabilities that may be improved; and
  6. Your hidden potentials for your specific role.

Mental Aptitude test: Mental Aptitude career tests measure your readiness to perform well in a given situation or a particular domain. Your ability to comprehend instructions, to apply previously acquired knowledge and skills, to make good inferences and to manage your emotions while doing any of these objects can be defined as your aptitude.

Personality Development: To be truly successful in a new career, you must first understand yourself. Dynamic Strategies® Personality Development Tests offers insight into how you interact with others and how you can be perceived.

Dynamic Strategies® Career Assessment Do's and Don'ts:


# Be aware that assessments are available to help guide you toward the right career for you. A qualified career counselor can administer, score, and interpret these assessments. A number of free career assessments also are available on the Internet, though many experts question their reliability.

# Keep your expectations in check when you take free online assessments. You may attain some direction and guidance from these tests, but don't be overly reliant on them for magic answers.

# Take several different assessments to help you learn more about yourself and to help you determine which tests provide the most reliable results for you.

# Trust your gut. If a free online assessment tells you something about yourself that doesn't ring true, disregard that information.


# Don't discount the possibility that these free online assessments might suggest to you some career ideas and directions you had never thought of and that are worth further exploration.

# Don't rely on free online assessments alone for self-discovery and career guidance. Meet with a career counsellor; Supplement the results you've obtained from free online assessments with other assessments the counselor might administer. Ask the counselor to help you interpret and integrate the results of various assessments.

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