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Consulting Skills Training

The Consulting Skills Training workshop is conducted over 3 days. It is aimed at those who are responsible for relationship management as well as identifying new business opportunities with clients during all phases of a project. It is very beneficial for people looking to enhance their management skills as well as for consultant looking to improve their project management capabilities.

Phases of Consulting

The areas of focus in this Consulting Skills Training program are:

  • Consulting Excellence at Work: Our consulting skills training offerings include workshops based upon the principles of Peter Block’s Flawless Consulting and the Six Conversations that Matter, where staff professionals learn competencies to use in the consulting relationship. We are advocates for the importance of staff groups within organizations and we encourage internal consulting skills training to aid them in their efforts to reinvent themselves. With us they develop the expertise that builds the capacity of their clients for marketplace success.

    Consulting Skills can be defined as "understanding the results that stakeholders desire from a process and providing insight into how efficiently and effectively those results can be achieved". As experts in their organization in the areas of instructional design, training, performance improvement, and organizational development, Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) professionals must demonstrate strong consulting skills in order to achieve success as a business partner guiding their organization toward optimal performance.

  • Flawless Consulting: Flawless Consulting is known worldwide and used by many Fortune 500 companies, as well as thousands of smaller companies.

    Flawless consulting creates workplaces and communities enriched with consulting skills that facilitate empowerment, stewardship and chosen accountability.

    At Dynamic Strategies, we are dedicated to bringing change into the world through consent and connectedness rather than through mandate and force.

  • Enhancing Consulting Effectiveness: In today’s workplace extraordinary results can be achieved when people work collaboratively with others to define, develop and deliver solutions that address specific business needs. In our training programs, you will learn the skills and techniques used by successful consultants to help their clients produce outstanding results.