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Corporate Training

Customised quality improvement programmes are offered for Corporates. Programme on soft skills and technical skills are organized from time to time for individuals.

More recently a series of "Outbound" programmes have been organized for IT & Manufacturing companies.

Dynamic Strategies is equipped with the latest techniques, best practices drawn from the rich experience of a pool of resource persons, a core team, faculty members, packed with ideas of leadership strategy, managing change and a host of other topics - that can help you to literally transform your operations.

  • Soft Skill Training:

  • Softskills, as opposed to hard skills (such as technical skills), focuses on those elements of training that require changes in behavior and thinking.

  • Technical Training:

  • Technical Training With the growth of IT in business and its role as an integral component of an effectively run business, there is a constant need to learn/upgrade IT skills in order to keep wheels of business turning.

  • Managerial Training:

  • Todays managers have to play more than just supervisory roles. Apart from playing the role of the leader and guide they also don the roles of facilitators, coaches, communicators and team members. Hence manager training is a critical component in today's organizational environment.

    Middle management is a critical element of any organization's structure as they serve as the link between Executives and Frontline Managers.

    Dynamic Strategies offers managerial training programs to suit the needs of mangers with different skills and experience at various levels of management. We pride ourselves in customizing our programs to cater to the needs of each of our clients.

    Manager training programs are usually designed and developed based on analysis of training needs and is delivered at locations across the globe as per the requirements of the client organization.

    Programs that are most often used to conduct management training:

  • Why Our Training Solutions?:

  • It is our recommendation that Corporate training should be outsourced because the effectiveness of the program is largely dependent on the experience and exposure of the trainer. It also brings in a fresh perspective and best practices that exists in the field.