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Theories of Counseling

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Depending on where you look, you might see theories of counseling grouped numbering from four to one hundred thirty.

Counseling Theories

We will present a basic list of counseling theories on this page, and open a little wider discussion on linked pages. We think that most of the theories that clinicians subscribe to are going to be in need of revision soon, given what fMRI (and other brain imaging tools) is revealing about blood activity in the brain when certain activities are being engaged in.

For example, Dr. Daniel Amen and spect scans are revealing a great deal about human brains and Helen Fisher, Ph.D. is describing the phenomenon of love as a function of activity in certain areas of the human brain.

In fact, Dr. Amen is tailoring individual treatments to clients brains, including psychotherapeutic, nutritional, bio-feedback, stress management, and exercise components, for example, in large part based on his interpretation of 'spect' scans.

Here is our list:

Theories of Counseling-Psychoanalytic

All of us in the field of counseling and theories of counseling owe a great debt to the ground breaking work of Sigmund Freud.

Had the unconscious not been discovered, at least the way he discovered it, none of us would have jobs.

Human kind has always attempted to explain behavior and meaning, through tools such as mythology, shamanism, and astrology, but until Freud and his successors, there was never a theory of mind, and certainly no science of helping, no theory of counseling.

Counseling Psychoanalytic

It is not our purpose here to discuss the huge amount of controversy and research and the various schools of psychoanalysis, but to provide a beginning point for your own search.

Without Freud though, we would still be doing mesmerization in the parlor.

The following material is from Wikipedia, and the link follows..

"Psychoanalysis is a body of ideas developed by Austrian physician Sigmund Freud and his followers, which is devoted to the study of human psychological functioning and behavior.It has three applications:

Here is our list: