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Our Career Preference Tests accurately compares your career aptitude to all jobs in the world, showing which you fit best AND, how you fit or don't fit each career.

Career Preference Test

Career Tests - Discover Yourself; Discover a Career

Most of us don't really, seriously, pursue a career. We tend to stumble upon one. Sometimes it works out just fine - like arranged marriages. In the majority of cases, though, it doesn't. And then we find ourselves stuck in a job for which we have little or no aptitude, and which interests us very little. As a result, motivation levels are almost always low and our performance is found wanting. Disillusionment sets in early; we become dissatisfied with our jobs and the way our careers are headed.

It's your future at stake, so you need to tread very, very carefully. You need to plan your career well in advance, and be organised in your planning. Any decision regarding your career should be based on hard, solid facts. The first step in the process is that of discovering yourself. What excites me? What are my interests? What are my strengths and weaknesses? What are my key personality traits? What is my Intelligence Quotient; my Emotional Quotient? Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be able to make an intelligent, informed decision regarding your career.

Career Preference

This is where career-based tests come in handy. They are a great way to determine who you are, where you stand, where you want to go and how you can get there. These tests are diagnostic and predictive tools that can effectively pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. There are countless varieties of such tests available today.

Career-based tests play a vital role in this process of self-discovery. They include General Mental Ability (GMA) tests and personality questionnaires (indicating interests and career preferences). GMA tests assess various aspects: verbal ability, numerical ability, reasoning ability, scientific aptitude, spatial apperception, problem solving skills and general awareness. The tests are normally in English and those proficient in reading and comprehending the English language are likely to benefit the most.

Our Career Preference Test will help you choose your career. Guaranteed. This Career Preference Test is over 99% accurate, has a 99.5% customer rating, and has been safely used for over several years.

Our Career Preference Tests accurately compares your career aptitude to all jobs in the world, showing which you fit best AND, how you fit or don't fit each career. The preference test also shows you how to be more successful in any job! We give extensive success-building advice, AND show how to improve relationships.

The Strong Profile is the basic, career-planning tool for anyone seeking career direction. Packed with more focused career information than any other interest inventory report, it uses targeted information to present a picture of your career interests. The Strong Profile provides an overview of your General Occupational Themes in six broad areas, Basic Interest Scales in 25 specific areas or activities, Occupational Scales across a wide range of occupations, and Personal Style Scales in four specific areas. Use the Strong Profile to provide yourself with career-planning information that's easy to use and easy to understand.


  • Snapshot - an easy-to-read graphic, and personalized summary of your results

  • Basic Interest Scales - highlights 25 areas of interest and activities to help yourself identify career fields for exploration

  • General Occupational Themes - provide RIASEC results to help you appreciate your interests and link to essential support materials

  • Personal Style Scales - a graphic presentation of your comfort level in work and learning environments, leadership styles, and risk-taking situations

  • "Understanding Your Results on the Strong" - six pages of easy-to-read narrative and graphic information for you.