Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Career Advancement:

Diploma in Career Advancement

Professional people are changing jobs and careers with increasing frequency. In this Diploma Course we will explicitly show you the steps for transitioning from your current job to your dream job. Your new dream job can be in the industry you currently work in or it can be in a whole new direction. Either way, the strategy and action steps remain the same. You need to align your strategy accordingly, it must have clear milestones but also be flexible enough that it can adapt to unforeseen situations.

There are so many moving parts in today’s job market so you simply must have a clear plan for how you will not only make the move but how you will identify the ideal company that will complement not just your skillset but your sense of fulfillment. Ultimately this Diploma is about setting yourself up for success – make getting a job... your dream job.

Diploma in English for Young Learners:

We are committed to providing primary and secondary learners (8-15 years) with a structured English language learning pathway that will support your child in the process of reaching his or her full potential in a stimulating and safe environment.

On our young learner courses we use innovative methods to encourage learners to speak as much English as possible and ensure that language learning is a fun and educational experience.

English for Young Learners

Diploma in Spoken English - Basic:

Diploma in Spoken English - Basic

Everyone wants to improve upon the spoken English skills nowadays as it has become a necessity. Search for an Institute that can provide excellent training in spoken English has become a tough job. - Students who desire to study abroad or settle there cannot ignore the fact that Spoken English skills is the backbone of studying abroad.

Diploma in Spoken English - Advanced:

Good communication skills create the key to success and can open a realm full of opportunities for you. English is the new world language and needless to say, it is one of the most widely used languages in the world. Even though more than 60% of the total world population speaks English, most of the non-native speakers do not have the right pronunciation and can’t communicate well. Speaking English fluently is very important as it imparts confidence in you when you are in front of a client, recruiter, employee, or any English Speaker.

Spoken English - Advanced Diploma

Diploma in English for Business:

Fast track your professional career with English for Business.

English for Business

English for Business is becoming increasingly important for any professional in our globalized and multicultural world of business. The aim of this Diploma Course is to help you operate in a general business environment or in typical business contexts. You will also gain exposure to business terminology, grammar and pronunciation adapted to each topic. After all, most jobs nowadays are a matter of having knowledge of English for Business.

The course provides students with the fundamentals of English for Business for any non-native or native English speaking professional.

It also introduces you to the general world of business and professionalism bearing in mind cultural sensitivity and norms, helps you acquire the core skills to function in day-to-day business scenarios and examines business terminology, grammar and pronunciation related to each topic.

Diploma in Operations Management:

Operations management is important to any organization, whether they are manufacturing companies producing physical products or organizations offering services. Our Diploma in Operations Management reviews a wide variety of topics from the development of operations management, to the role of the operations manager, the transformation model, planning and scheduling methodologies and practices, and inventory and quality management.

Diploma in Operations Management

Our Diploma in Operations Management will give you a thorough understanding and knowledge of operations management and its organizational and managerial applications.

Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship:

Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices behind key business management subjects.

Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Subjects include corporate management, operations management, accounting, human resources, financial accounting, and project management, as well as providing insight on key entrepreneurial skills.

This Diploma course will teach you how large-scale organizations are managed, the structures and objectives involved, and how to evaluate a company's performance by using key performance indicators (KPIs). You will be more aware of business management styles and the environmental factors management should consider. You will know the function of human resource managers, operations managers, project managers and accountants.

On the Business Management & Entrepreneurship Certificate course, we don’t simply present professionals with a diploma certificate on course complition - we equip you with the skills to make your mark in the business arena. In times of economic challenge, equipping yourself with the right skills for managing and initiating new business ventures is critical. We offer an innovative Diploma that develops a 'can-do' entrepreneurial mindset and will equip you to lead innovation and change.

A global perspective.

This course gets you ready for the future, anticipating the challenges and opportunities and building your resilience to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing global business environment.

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