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Dynamic Strategies® in association with our Professional Network of various reputed firms. Headquartered in Punjab with offices in Lucknow (UP), Bengaluru (Kar), Delhi NCR, Surat (Guj) and Jaipur (Raj.) and is massively networked domestically as well as internationally, represents institutions across several countries UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy (we represent more than 146 countries). All programs are covered from UG, PG to Phd's. To know more about studying in any of the countries & the institutions that Dynamic Strategies® represents, select from below :

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India has emerged as one of the leading markets for foreign education. Every year over 4 lakhs students from various corners of the country study abroad in pursuit of higher education.

Studying Abroad requires a lot of thinking, research and planning. There are many factors which need to be taken into consideration while making one of the biggest decisions of your life. This generally includeschoosing a country, university, city, degree, course, etc.


United Stated of America (USA)

The US is the most preferred destinations for many students in the International College / University sector, because of the perception that a student will have more freedom to make a wide range of different programmes / Courses in America.

United Kingdom (UK)

The UK system is characterized by great depth and concentration on a particular chosan course / program. UK degrees takes only three years as opposed to the US degrees, which takes four years.

The United Kingdom (UK) is also one of the popular destinations for International Students as it offers some of the world's best educational facilities, a diverse and vibrant cultural life, major cities and beautiful countryside.


The Canadian model combines the liberty of the US with the rigour of the UK, creating an attractive hybrid, which is made more popular by the low fees structures prevailing in Canada, sometimes as little as half what one would pay in the US.

Canada offers a wealth of higher education options and life-enriching opportunities at its universities and colleges. Over 95 public and private universities, and over 175 community colleges and technical institutes offer more than 18,000 programmes at the diploma, undergraduate, graduate & post graduate levels in Canada. Both colleges and universities are well-equiped with cutting-edge technologies and research labs.

Our Study Destinations:

A Celtic Legacy - Scotland

Scottish undergraduate degreetypically are for four years and most universities offer pre-entry courses to help students meet the requirements for their chosen course.

There are a range of scholarships available to students coming from India, including the Scottish Government-run Saltire Scholarship, which provide money towards fees and other costs.

A Diverse Experience - Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland - the unique situation of being part of both the UK and the island of Ireland - which means a British education in an Irish context and that brings an extra layer of cultural wealth and diversity to the study experience.

The French Riviera

France, with its capital ranked as the best student city in the world, welcomes 2,84,000 international students annually.

Conspicuous for Scientific research and technological innovation in the fields of space, transportation, electronics, telecommunications, biotechnology, health, etc, France is rightly known as a knowledge economy. With the commitment to provide quality education through refined pedagogy across its diversified network of more than 3500 institutions of higher learning and internationally renowned research centres, the nation highlights its magnitude of commitment to sound education.

The French universities and other institutions do not distinguish between international and French students. Both groups face similar admission and tuition requirements and both receive the same degree.

Country of Philosophers - Germany

Germany is now an even more attractive study destination for Indian students. The number of Indian students in Germany has gone up to 7,998 in the academic year 2016-17.

As per the German Act for Entry and Residence of Highly Qualified Workers brings far-reaching changes to the right of residence in Germany. After completing their studies, foreign students may remain in Germany for 18 months to look for qualified job opportunities.

The Choice is Global - Australia

The Australian Federal Government controls the university education system and universities work within the Australian Qualifications Framework and under the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency.

The Australian Academic year runs from March until November and is generally structured as two semesters, with a break over the June-July months. However, most courses do take commencing students in either semester.

A Scenic Option - New Zealand

Students in New Zealand institutions can move easily between levels of education, even in different sectors, thanks to a National Qualifications Framework, which means that standardised qualifications can be transferred from one institution to anothers.

New Zealand education, with internationally recognized high standards at all levels, is among one of the best in the world. Top five destinations are Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Napier - Hawkes Bay & Christchurch.

Singapore Student Pass

Study in Singapore

Study Medicine (MBBS Degree) from Mauritius, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia & Georgia

Advantages of studying Medicine from Abroad

  1. No Donation Required for Admission in Medical Colleges;
  2. No Entrance Test Required for MBBS Admission;
  3. Amazingly Low Cost of Living during MBBS;
  4. Global Exposure and Work opportunities after MBBS from these countries.

You might have found the right university and ideal course - but are you the ideal student? Everey university and course have its own entry requirements.

As an International Student, you may have to prove your English Language proficiency as part of your acceptance criteria.

What we offer?

Profile Screening
At Dynamic Strategies®, candidates profiles are studied and checked by our expert consultants and basis to that they suggest suitable courses and suitable destinations as per documents and their interest.

Career Guidance
Dynamic Strategies® has something for everyone, who are seeking to focus on development of their skills to enhance career opportunities within their particular areas of expertise in today's competitive market conditions.

Country, Course Selection & Documentation
Briefing about course structure, tenure of course, fees involved along with selection criteria. Once application form is filled, students need to attest some important documents for verification with the university. Our team assist students in completing that process.

Unbiased advise in University selection
We have a well equipped library containing prospectus, CDs, Video Tapes, Brochures etc of all major Universities / Colleges.

Scholarship Options available
Study abroad scholarships which are based on minority, are granted to the students of minority groups. Students who originate from low income family background may be entitled for abroad study scholarships. Student, doing well in their respective fields are entitled for provisional scholarships provided by the college authorities.

Application Filing
Once the student and his/her parents finalize the course, and then our team assist them in filling the application form and complete the application procedure.

Assistance in Education Loan
We have a tie up with some financial institutions that help students in providing education loans for higher studies at competitive interest rates.

Getting Admission
After successfully applying for application, students may need to appear for personal interview round through Skype. Our tem assist them in preparing them for such interviews along with providing Letter of Acceptance once student is selected by University or college.

Test Preparation (IELTS)
International English Language Testing system is the most popular Test that measures your writing, reading , listening and speaking. It is a compulsory Test for higher education and global migration. IELTS is available at more than 1,100 locations, including over 50 locations in the USA and there are 48 test dates a year.

– See more at: introduction#sthash.2D71Kw9b.dpuf

Visa Application
As different destinations have different rules for obtaining student permit. Our team provides counselling on these rules and regulations about the respective destination and assist them in obtaining student permit.

Travel Arrangements
Once student permit is obtained, flight arrangements have to be done from our team with ensuring safety of the candidate.