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“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
~ Albert Einstein.

The Art of Learning Effective English

Effective English

Art of Writing & Speaking English

Our course on "Speaking and Writing English Effectively" is designed for proficient English speakers who would like to improve their speaking and writing skills.

Any one can learn the art of speaking & writing english effectively, whatever his situation in life or his formal background, with proper planning and professional training.

Many talented people miss out on opportunities for an exciting future because they cannot communicate effectively in English. With confidence in spoken & written English, one can seize these opportunities with confidence and ability.

English: Most effective of Languages -

The English language is the youngest language in use today (less than five centuries old). English is an amalgamation of many older languages - Latin, Greek, German, Spanish, French, and many others. We have borrowed the best features of each language and adapted them to the simplest usages.

English is indispensable today. In a converging world, it connects people across workplaces, communities, and locations. Our course on "Speaking and Writing English Effectively" is designed for proficient English speakers who would like to improve their speaking and writing skills.

The objective of our course is to help learners to use the language more effectively. The core objectives of the program are to enhance the participants' ability to frame simple and clear sentences, fine-tune their speaking & writing skills, increase their confidence to speak and write effectively at personal & professional levels and enable them to project their ideas and opinions effectively.

Benefits of our course on "Speaking and Writing English Effectively":

• Understand the importance of effective communication in ones life;
• Increased confidence to speak English in day to day situations;
• Develop ability to speak to strangers and have extended conversations,
• Express yourself effectively in front of peers, seniors & clients;
• Write basic Emails; Dos & Don’ts of email etiquette;
• Ability to read & write English more effectively;
• Enhances job opportunities with Multinational companies (MNCs).

Some of our courses:

• Intensive Intermediate: The course offers blended learning and comprises review of functional grammar, vocabulary of daily use with prepositional phrases, group discussions on simple topics and intense practice with regard to construction of sentences and correct usage of words.

• Core Elementary: The course offers blended learning and comprises basics of functional grammar, elementary vocabulary of daily use, and simple conversation classes starting with basic greetings and short sentences.

• Foundation First: The course offers blended learning and welcomes abecedarians who are completely new to English language. The course begins with the introduction of alphabets and phonetics, covers pronunciation and spellings of short words, and gradually moves torwards grammar concepts.

• I Talk: Practice makes a man perfect; and a woman extra confident. This course gives you immense practice in spoken English through advanced level group discussions, extempores, QA rounds and debates - all of which would help you make your speech fluent, polish your communication skills and get your tongue around the unfamiliar words.

• Junior Special: English for Juniors is the most interesting module that BSL has on offer. The course design is simple yet extremely effective that explains the grammar concepts in the most simplified manner without any jargons, which encourages kids to learn English. With new words added to their mini bank of vocabulary everyday and regular sessions on grooming, etiquette, general knowledge and public speaking, you would find them much more confident, willing to converse in English and actively participate in their school activities.

• Housewife Special: This course offers a perfect blend of English language training with complete grooming on social presence and etiquette. The focus is put on communicative part of English and covers review of functional grammar, practical/scenario-based vocabulary and fluency.

• Business English: This course prepares you for the business world and beat the competition! This industry-oriented learning comprises a quick review of advanced grammar, business vocabulary with idioms and phrases, professional communication and etiquette, use of courteous language, group discussions on business related topics, extempores, and tips on effective communication and email writing.


Our course on "Speaking and Writing English Effectively"

If your personalized, business, or organization wants to experience our training in a format uniquely suited to specific language needs, consider short-term contract learning at Dynamic Strategies. Short-term contract learning programs are ideal for:

  • Students who need to improve their English for academic studies;

  • Business and technical professionals;

  • Candidates interested to peruse Foreign Degree;

  • Candidates / Job Seekers going abroad for Work (Work Permit Aspirants);

  • Anyone willing to enhance English language .

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