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Individual Training Solutions

Dynamic Strategies is the leading training solutions company in the IT management and IT governance best practices domain. Dynamic Strategies develops and offers the most comprehensive portfolio of innovative training solutions across the well known IT management frameworks.

Dynamic Strategies recognizes the need to develop an individual's competency in order for the organization at large to have the required organizational knowledge and competence to succeed and deliver. Every training offered within the Dynamic Strategies portfolio is a part of a key competence required by both an individual and also the organization.

Dynamic Strategies specifically develops training solutions to meet the needs of International companies globally. Dynamic Strategies localizes these training solutions and offers in local languages to ensure the effectiveness of the solutions of individuals all over the world. These training solutions have been implemented by several hundreds of well known corporate clients to train several thousand IT professionals and in attaining visible and sustaining cost savings and IT service quality improvements within their IT organizations.

Our Approach

An IT organization's success is no longer determined by its ability to just build and acquire technical assets. The ability to develop the individual and collective competence plays a critical role in ensuring a competitive advantage and successful positioning.

Dynamic Strategies approach to competence development looks at both developing and sustaining the individual and organizational competence.

When it comes to implementing IT Process solutions, we follow a practical approach: 'Rapidly develop, customize and implement knowledge-empowered training methodologies and environments that are 24/7 scalable, cost-effective and globally accessible'.

Dynamic Strategies focuses on training in well known IT process frameworks which organizations use worldwide to develop competent and world class IT organizations/departments. Dynamic Strategies expertise areas include:

Just consider some of the benefits of working with a Dynamic Strategies Career Coach:

  • Training Needs Analysis:

  • Training Needs Analysis identifies the gap between the knowledge, skills and attributes required and those already possessed by employees. It concentrates on focusing needs against business strategy and goals. This level is the most important because it starts with an assessment of the organization’s strategic direction. Based on the gaps identified, the training solution is created.

  • Psychometric Testing:

  • Psychometric testing is recognized as a vital component in improving organizational effectiveness through the development of individual, interpersonal and team competencies.

    A psychometric test is a way of assessing a person's ability or personality in a measured and structured way. Psychometric Testing uses samples of behaviour in order to infer generalizations about a given individual. By samples of behaviour, one means observations over time of individual performing tasks that have usually been prescribed beforehand.

    To understand better the factors that tend to predict best performers, testing can be used to identify common qualities amongst successful employees in a job category, so that those qualities can be looked at and trained for. At, Dynamic Strategies, using tools such as My Selling Skills, My Service Orientation and Insight into Behavior, we undertake profiling for recruitment and people development.

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  • Train-the-Trainer:

  • Train-the-Trainer programme is aimed at honing the ability of participants (trainers) to develop and deliver training sessions. This workshop provides participants with a foundation of skills required to be an effective trainer. This programme follows the 'learning by doing' approach and aims at developing the ability to impart training sessions.

    Whether you need to train inexperienced trainers or infuse a little energy into seasoned professionals, the train-the-trainer programme will teach participants how to determine the needs of an audience, improve classroom charisma, handle difficult participants, use activities effectively, and realize the training objectives.

  • Competency assessment and certification:
  • With changing business scenario and new challenges emerging in the competitive world, successful performance in any job/ task has taken a critical place, for organizational success. People and their competencies have become the most significant factors that give a competitive edge to any corporation. The future is going to be that of competent people and competency based organizations. Competency mapping is one such process that helps in identifying and mapping competencies required for successful performance in a particular role.

    Competency mapping keeps people development strategies and processes in sync with organizational growth & objectives, and maximizing the utilization of human potential. Creating competency based culture and systems in organizations are the need of the hour. This creates a demand for HR professionals to have specialized skills and have a continuous up-gradation of knowledge.

  • Management Development Programmes:
  • We offer customized Bouquet Programmes for Top management, Middle management and Supervisory level. Our training interventions are based on Knowledge development, Behaviour development, Skill development and Process design and development.

  • Leadership Skills:
  • Good management skills are important in any organization but successful navigation of the current course of business begins with effective leadership. Successful leaders achieve their objectives through their teams. It calls for more than just being a good manager. It demands the skills of an effective leader.

  • Performance Management:
  • In the present corporate set up, a Performance Management System or PMS is seen as an important tool for fostering organizational growth and individual development. For making the PMS a success, it is critical that people in positions of authority enforce the PMS in its true spirit, and regard it as a critical tool for their professional growth and career enhancement.

  • Performance Coaching:
  • Performance Coaching refers to building on-the-field selling skills resulting in effective and structured sales calls, and hence, improving productivity and performance. The Performance coaches mentor and coach the frontline sales forces in the field. The sales force is also taken through specifically administered classroom modules for enhancing their selling skills.

  • Interviewing Skills:
  • In today's highly competitive market, successful recruitment presents an ongoing challenge. This practical Interview and Selection skills training programme will provide individuals with the skills and techniques essential for conducting a successful selection process. This programme will deal with preparation for an interview, developing interview questions and their value and interview techniques. The programme includes group discussions, exercises, role-play and a questionnaire based on interview skills.

  • Interpersonal Skills:
  • Interpersonal Skills are fundamental to our dealings in our professional and personal lives. This programme on Interpersonal Skills is designed to assess participants' current levels of communication and the impact of behaviour on morale and performance. It will equip individuals with a greater sense of self-awareness and enhanced relationship skills in order to be more effective in working relationships. This is a highly participative programme, with emphasis on discussion and group learning.

  • Business Writing Skills:
  • With all of us trying to squeeze in more and more into our 24-hour day, professionals today don’t have enough time to read their correspondence. This programme will teach participants to produce reader-oriented letters, memos, short reports and other everyday business documents with greater ease, confidence and effectiveness. It will enable them to become more skilled at writing professional business documents that are brief but concise, clear yet direct, complete and correct. Participants are taken through a number of hands-on exercises to practice writing to perfection!

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  • Team Building:
  • With increased specialization of jobs, individuals need to work with different people. The objective of this programme is to turn a loose group of individuals into a productive team. The programme will help participants understand and apply the traits of an effective team player, so they can contribute to achieving organizational goals.

    The programme is designed to provide participants with the skills and attitude that will help build effective teams, through role-plays and team building activities.

  • Effective Communication Skills:
  • More and more organizations are recognizing the value of effective communication through effective listening and various techniques to increase productivity and sales. This programme will help participants reap the benefits of good communication by avoiding confusion and misunderstanding, and reducing frustration and stress. It will also help to gain an understanding of others’ perspectives and to meet customer needs. The programme will teach participants to be assertive without being aggressive and to overcome barriers in communicating with other people. Using case studies, role plays and facilitator-led discussions, the programme will enable participants to develop more fulfilling interpersonal relationships.

    Some More Training Topics:

  • Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Personal Effectiveness.
  • Time Management.
  • Stress Management.

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Write to us for our detailed Training Catalogue.