Job Search Counselling

Relocating and living in another country can be both challenging and exciting. There are often many practical matters to figure out, including job search.

Applying for jobs in another country may be a very different process than in your home country.

We offer a personalized approach that will suit each individual's unique needs by providing support, inspiration and hopefully creating excitement around your job search.

Job Search Counselling

Dynamic Strategies®' Career Success process is designed for professionals who are:

  1. Stalled in their job search and want a more effective approach;

  2. Looking for a new position for the first time (in years) and don't know where to start;

  3. Leaving their job because of corporate merger, acquisition or reorganizations;

  4. Dissatisfied with their current position due to poor management or skill or culture mismatch;

  5. Desiring to advance within their profession by changing companies;

  6. Relocating to the Northern Part / Southern part of the Country;

  7. Graduating from college and wanting to get off to a good start in their career.

Dynamic Strategies® provides a comprehensive method for: :

  1. Assessing skills, values, personality traits and interests to develop an ideal job description, which becomes a two-minute commercial;

  2. Researching choices to find the best career match;

  3. Building a contact network to access the hidden job market where 85% of job openings are filled;

  4. Writing resumes and cover letters that get interviews;

  5. Practicing and mastering effective interviewing techniques;

  6. Negotiating for increased salary and responsibility before accepting the new position;

  7. Overcoming barriers like age, lack of experience or education, etc.

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