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The rise of the internet and mobile has led to significant changes in the marketing world. In this new era, the marketing department now requires an evolved set of skills, often rooted in technology, to take advantage of this transformation. Are today’s marketers keeping pace with the skills they need to do their jobs at a high level? Do marketers have the skills that companies and recruiters want in their new hires? Is there an alignment or disconnect between these recruiters and marketers?

Here are a few interesting key takeaways we discovered:

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  • Marketers have an opportunity to better promote and/or build the marketing skills companies are currently looking for.
  • SEO/SEM is the top marketing skill desired by marketing departments.
  • Marketers are overemphasizing social media skills in their profiles.
  • The CMO, digital marketing manager, and brand ambassador titles are increasingly common, and the rise of these titles indicates an increase in the marketing department’s importance.
  • As marketing grows more complex, skill certifications (from companies such as Google and HubSpot) will grow more important.

  • So just how aligned are companies and the marketers who want to work for them? And what does it say about the future of marketing? Read on. You might be surprised.

    Writing Skills

    Marketing is the process of:

  • Identifying customer needs;
  • Conceptualizing these needs in terms of the organization’s capacity to produce;
  • Communicating that conceptualization to the appropriate focus of power in the organization;
  • Conceptualizing the consequent output in terms of customer needs earlier identified;
  • Communicating that conceptualization to the customer.

  • Marketing is Changing at Light Speed

    No part of the business world is changing faster than marketing. Consider the tools that were either in nascent form or didn’t exist just two decades ago: Websites, email, social media, marketing automation, mobile phones. As these new tools have been born, marketing departments have adapted by hiring marketers with the skills to leverage them, and the results has been a more powerful marketing department than ever, one with the tools to finally prove that marketing spending leads to increased revenue.

    Rising to the Challenge

    These changes to the marketing world may be coming fast and furious, but they also provide opportunities. Many marketing executives believe that they are already benefitting from these opportunities. For instance, the Forrester survey referenced above found that 78 percent of B2B marketing executives said they had greater input on corporate strategy.

    Technology and data have provided marketers with a 360-degree view of the customer that is unparalleled in the organization and puts the marketing department in a formidable position.

    The Marketing Skills Evolution

    What Marketing Departments Want: SEO Still Dominates

    SEO and SEM still dominate marketing skills. Websites remain critical marketing tools for companies of all sizes, in virtually every industry and in every country, and so marketers with the search engine know-how to drive traffic are still in demand. Along with general “digital and online marketing” skills, SEO expertise is what companies want from their marketers more than any other skills.

    Skills Marketing department wants...

    The in-demand marketing skills are not uniform across industries. For instance, the Oil and Energy Industry have a higher demand for “Market Research and Insights” than any other industry. The Government, Education, and Non-profit sector have the highest demand for “Marketing Campaign Management” when compared with other industries. The Manufacturing and Industrial Sector have the highest demand for “Marketing Demand Generation.” and the Automotive, Aerospace, and Transportation Industry have the highest demand for “Relationship Marketing.”

    The Skills Opportunity for Marketers

    In a rapidly changing industry, the most common skills marketers listed on their profiles are as follows:

  • Social Media Marketing;
  • Digital and Online Marketing;
  • Marketing Event Management.

  • In their profiles, marketers have a huge opportunity to emphasize the skills that they have and that marketers want. They can also go obtain those skills via hands-on experience, certification courses, or a combination of both. As an example, marketers can emphasize or obtain SEO skills, which are currently at the top of the wish list of many companies.

    Education and Marketing

    Education and Certification Grow More Important for Marketers

    Marketing has become an increasingly demanding profession, as it has grown more dependent on technology. Marketing jobs demand a combination of intellect, training, and savvy. This reality requires that marketers be a well-educated group. About six in 10 marketers have at least a bachelor’s degree, according to their profiles. Another 30 percent or so have graduate degrees, which include master’s, MBA’s, PhD’s, and law degrees, which means that 90 percent of marketers have at least a bachelor’s degree with relevant training in Marketing Skills.

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