Presentation Skills Strip

Positioning yourself and your ideas in a consistently positive and professional manner enables you to make a professional impression - the first time and every time. Raw information is logical but being logical does not capture anyone's attention for too long. Persuasive presentations start with raw information, opinions are added, colored with imagery, and given personality. The more of the mind you tickle, the more retention and motivation you reap.

Presentation Skills

This training demonstrates and delivers the essential skills you need to become more confident, enthusiastic and persuasive when delivering any type of presentation. Through a combination of lecture, workshop and volunteer participation, you will learn how to enhance your overall image, communication style and public speaking skills in as little as a few hours.

In this training, you will learn the key physical skills to deliver a dynamic, engaging presentation. Volunteers will have the opportunity to receive personalized coaching to work on their presentation style. It will consist of a mini workshop using PowerPoint slides to learn how to construct a compelling business presentation. During the session, you will also learn tips and techniques to host interactive and engaging webinars and web-based meetings.

The Effective Presentation Skills Training Program will teach you how to prepare quickly, learn and practice the best method for delivering your message, and maintain audience interest at all times.

The goal of this training is to give professionals the tools and confidence to design and deliver clear, concise and persuasive presentations.

The focus of the training will be in the following areas:

Audience Perception

  • Appearance and posture
  • Use of eye contact, hands and gestures
  • Voice volume, pitch and emphasis

  • Audience Comprehension

  • Understand the needs of your audience
  • Understand your own communication style
  • Creating impressive openings
  • Getting the audience's attention
  • Flow for persuasive presentations

  • Audience Interaction

  • Effective use of visuals and handouts
  • Overcoming objections
  • Persuading with benefits

  • "During the first few minutes of your presentation, your job is to assure the audience members that you are not going to waste their time and attention."

    ~ Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger

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