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European Destinations

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • Lithuania
  • Belgium
  • Latvia
  • Bulgaria
  • Slovakia
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Portugal
  • Netherlands
  • Turkey
  • Estonia
  • Czech Republic
  • United Kingdom
  • Cyprus
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria
  • Why Study in Europe?

    The European Union (EU) is one of the world's most exciting destinations for students. Europe enjoys exceptionally high academic standards, cutting-edge technology, advanced research facilities and an intriguing diversity of cultures, languages, and societies.

    High-Quality Education for students with great potential:

    With over 400 Nobel Laureates and about 45% of the patent applications worldwide, Europe is a natural leader in research and education. No matter what you choose to study – science, law, business and economics or humanities – you can pursue this in Europe. There are also opportunities for training that are directly connected to the industry that you intend to pursue a career in.

    EU Countries

    The Top-ranking universities provide a broad variety of courses and many are taught in English. Language classes at all levels are also available. The European diplomas are recognized around the world.

    Europe has many hundreds of higher education institutions, renowned as centres of excellence around the world. However, higher education systems have traditionally been formulated at the national level. Increasing European integration is changing that, with the development of the European Higher Education Area, helping to reinforce the attractiveness of higher education in Europe.

    Academic Benefits of Studying in Europe:

    • World-class higher education institutions;
    • Over 1,000 institutions offering high quality study programs in an international environment;
    • Internationally recognized degree;
    • Moderate tuition fees & Scholarship Offers;
    • Study in English medium;
    • Low Cost of Living;
    • Treat all international students equally;
    • A unique combination between modernity and a rich historical heritage;
    • In Europe you can study in English or any other of the most important languages in the world, like Spanish, German, French or Italian;
    • Practical, updated & Quality Education;
    • World Class Infrastructure & Research Labs;
    • Availability of Unique, Specific & Wide Range of Specializations.

    Unique selling Points of Lithuania:

    • Lithuania is situated in the geographical centre of Europe, at the cross road between Western & Eastern Europe;
    • Being the 10th least expensive European country to live, it's among the top 40 countries in the International Living Quality of Life Index;
    • Living costs in Lithuania are considerably less than the other countries of the European Union and you can enjoy the benefit of an education from an EU country without paying the hefty costs;
    • Lithuanians are friendly and educated and you will enjoy your stay in Lithuania;
    • Lithuania has also signed agreements with over 16 countries regarding academic exchanges;
    • Lithuanian government funds the education of the best graduates and they are not required to pay the tuition fee **;
    • Tuition Fees ~ Tuition fees are different for EU and non-EU students (usually from around 2000EU to 3500EU).

    Unique selling Points of Belgium:

    • Schengen VISA, Good living conditions, Good ambiance, Culture;
    • Best location for Business / Entrepreneurs;
    • Already known Indian people as most of Diamonds are polished in India;
    • Good Export and re- export is happening from India & Belgium & Belgium - India & other country (Re-Export);
    • Students can work part time;
    • If they study the local language they can study Master free;
    • Getting Work Permit is not difficult as the country is not exploited by employment seekers;

    Unique selling Points of Austria:

    • Located in southern Central Europe, Austria is a beautiful country with beautiful and impressive Alps, pastoral landscapes, and enriched culture and arts. Austria is home to over 8 million people and shares its borders with both Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. The official language of Austria is German;

    • Austria's capital city of Vienna, also described as Europe’s cultural capital, ranks as one of the most attractive cities in the world and was recently ranked as the top city in Mercer’s Quality of Living survey rankings;

    • Austria consists of a wide variety of higher educational institutions. Students are provided with a broad range of study options by 16 Austrian Universities. There are also 13 private universities in Austria. The post-secondary sector also includes Teacher Training Colleges and Institutes, Colleges and Institutes for Training Religious Teachers, etc. Austria also has 246 degree programmes;


    Unique selling Points of Hungary:

    • Hungary is a landlocked country located at the heart of Europe. Situated in Central Europe, Hungary has always been a meeting-point of European cultures. Its capital, Budapest, is a metropolitan with 2 million inhabitants and is seen by many as one of the most beautiful European cities. The country's climate is continental and is protected from excessive climatic changes and natural catastrophes;

    • Based on its rich cultural and folklore tradition, Hungary has also become a centre of not only of classical and contemporary European art, music and literature, but also a site for avant-garde and experimental cultural movements;

    • The higher education system in Hungary has three levels. The Bachelor (Undergraduate - 3 years), Master (Graduate - 2 years) and PhD (Doctoral - 3 years) degrees awarded by Hungarian higher education institutions are recognized in all European Union countries;

    • At present, Hungary’s higher education system comprises of 18 state-financed universities, two public university, 12 state-financed colleges, 26 religious educational institutions, and 9 colleges operated by public foundations.


    Unique selling Points of Switzerland:

    • Switzerland is a small country located in the heart of Western Europe, and sharing borders with neighboring Germany, Austria, the Principality of Liechtenstein, Italy and France. There are now approximately 7.7 million people living in Switzerland, speaking four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh;

    • A mountainous landscape: 60% of the Swiss territory is occupied by the Alps, a great mountain range stretching circa one thousand kilometers from Austria to France, that offer more than 80 peaks above 4000 meters.;

    • Environment and Quality of life: A well-preserved environment easily accessible by public transport, safe cities, and excellent infrastructures make living in Switzerland very pleasant, and explain why the Global Ranking of Cities with a High Quality of Life ranks three Swiss cities among the top ten;

    • High diversity of cultures and languages, open access to students, very low student fees, highly international student cohorts and staff, as well as access to international networks and programs and tight links to academic research and industry, are the major strengths of the Swiss Higher Education System;

    • Tuition fees and living costs: Due to the national commitment to education and the generous funding from federal and cantonal governments, Tuition fees at Switz Universities are relatively low: depending on the Universities and program chosen, they cost on general around 1,300 Swiss Francs per year. An estimate of 1,500-2,000 Swiss Francs per month will cover the livings costs (food, accommodation, etc.) depending on the location of the university and personal demands.


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