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Make measurable progress in reasonable time. – Jim Rohn

Time Management Training

One skill that is prevalent in all leaders of repute is time management. People who use these techniques routinely are the highest achievers in all walks of life, from business to sport to public service. Managing time well enables you to be in control of your life; it allows you to act on situations rather than react to situations. When reacting to situations you are ill-prepared and under stress so your action is far from your optimum capacity. Whereas, when you act on situations it is well planned and thus allows you to function at your highest.

At the heart of time management is an important shift in focus: Concentrate on results, not on being busy. This is a one of the most important time management skills. Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activity, but achieve very little because they are not concentrating on the right things.

According to the Pareto Principle, or the ‘80:20 Rule’, typically 80% of unfocussed effort generates only 20% of results. The remaining 80% of results are achieved with only 20% of the effort.

Time Management Process

Time Management

By applying the skills taught in the Time Management Workshops, you can optimize your efforts to ensure that you concentrate as much of your time and energy as possible on the high payoff tasks. This ensures that you achieve the greatest benefit possible with the limited amount of time available to you.

Contrary to popular belief, effective time management is not based on doing more things in less time. “Time Management” is about doing the right things and doing them better.

Below are listed some of the important components of the Time Management Training:

• Formulating goals using powerful Goal Setting Techniques
• Tools to plan your work:
o To-Do Lists
o Scheduling your day
o Delegating
o Saying “No”
• Dealing with difficult tasks
• Getting organized
• Maximizing the available time
• The importance of right attitude
• Use of technology in time management
• Managing stress by effectively managing time