Dynamic Strategies

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself. - Galileo Galilei

Train the Trainer Program

As more and more companies are moving towards becoming learning organizations, there has been a constant need for training and development of employees. Whether one may be an employee who conducts training from time to time or a full time trainer, it is imperative to understand that training is more than just presentations.

We also understand that training can sometimes be more effective if it is delivered by a trainer in the organization. Hence training trainers of the company in the material could have significant Return on Investment (ROI).

Dynamic Strategies offers a behind the scenes look at what needs to go in to making trainer training a success. From assessing training needs to post-training assessment the train the trainer programs will help trainees understand the finer points of being a trainer and understanding the role that they play in the larger scheme of the organization’s learning process.

• Difficult, disruptive participants?
• Too much content, too little time?​
• Too little development time?
• Boring visuals?
• Trainer Presentations

Our 'Train-the-Trainer' Workshops are designed to respond to these and other challenges. Experience for yourself how our instructor-led, participant-centered approach helps people learn twice as much in half the time. Come with your own questions and needs—they'll be answered during the workshop. Come expecting high-energy, high content, and high-involvement—you'll get it. But most of all, come expecting to be able to use what you'll see modeled by our professional faculty.

Our Methodology

A variety of training methods are used in this workshop. They include

• Demonstrations
• Group Discussions
• Reading
• Structured exercises
• Trainer Presentations

This ‘Train the Trainer’ program focuses on the following areas:

• Understanding learning styles
• Understanding the training process
• Assessing training needs
• Design and development of the training program
• Presentation Skills
• Giving and receiving feedback
• Assessing training