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All of the required consulting and representation services which are directly related to all aspects of the Canadian immigration / work permit system are provided to our clients by our professional network comprising Federally Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants (ICCRC license holders) – according to the prescribed mandatory professional regulatory laws of the Canadian Federal Government), with over 20 years of experience providing Canadian Immigration and Post-Arrival Settlement Services.

Dynamic Strategies has global alliance and business partnership with Corporates, Headhunters and Recruitment Agencies from different geographies.

Work Permit Assistance

Work Permit Assistance

We are continuously looking for building new relationships with Foreign Employers and Recruitment Agencies for their latest job opportunities, who value high quality Indian Manpower to meet their needs of global staffing.

We have a network spread out in different geographical locations and in various Corporates, Foreign Universities, Government and Private organisations for continuously searching and updating our database with new talent.

In the process, We help eligible candidates from India to temporarily settle & work abroad by providing them right guidance, providing them the best options of available jobs, have their technical evaluation and assisting them in applying for Work Permit by providing best possible job offers from foreign employers and helping them in preparing their visa application.

Skill & Education Assessment:

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from an agency approved by CIC. [The report must show your foreign education is equal to a completed Canadian secondary (high school) or post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree] is mandatory. An ECA can give you early feedback on how your credentials compare to those in Canada. This assessment service will provide an avenue for foreign-trained workers to have an assessment prepared for their training credentials prior to immigrating or working for a employer in Canada.

The assessment report can also be provided to support skilled qualifications gained outside of Canada for immigration purposes.The assessment service for foreign nationals will be provided directly by Canadian International Training & Education Corp. (CITREC) for both voluntary and compulsory trades on a fee-for-service basis.

The Assessment process will determine credit hours that will be awarded to applicants against Canadian requirements for their particular trade. If the applicant meets or exceeds “On the Job Training Hours” established by the Apprenticeship Commission, they will be eligible to take the Inter-provincial Journey person written examination upon their arrival in Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker Program - Express Entry

On January 1, 2015, the Federal Government of Canada implemented the Express Entry Immigration system under the Economic Class including the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Under Express Entry, Federal Skilled Workers across 347 eligible occupations who meet minimum entry criteria, submit an expression of interest profile to the Express Entry Pool. The profiles of candidates in the pool are ranked under a Comprehensive Ranking System. The highest ranked candidates will be considered for an invitation to apply for permanent residence. Candidates receiving an invitation must submit a full application within a delay of 60-days.

Federal Skilled Workers are persons with suitable education, work experience, age and language abilities under one of Canada’s official languages and who are selected under the Express Entry Immigration system to apply for permanent residence.

If you have skilled work experience and want to live in Canada permanently, get your document assessment done to see if you’re eligible for the Express Entry pool.

We use Express Entry to manage applications for permanent residence for these programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program.

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program.

  • Canadian Experience Class.

Provinces and territories can also recruit candidates from the Express Entry pool through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to meet local labour market needs.

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For your Skill Assessment (Mandatory Process) for Canada, Schengen Countries (Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Austria), Singapore, Australia & NZ.

There are different types of work visas. One kind may require the holder to have a local employer as a sponsor, and to return home if he/she loses the job. Another visa may be more general and may allow the holder to work in any job for a certain period of time.

Work visas are generally temporary, though most may be renewed.

A prior job offer from a sponsoring employer fast tracks the processing of a Work Permit.

A work permit is a general term for a legal authorization which allows an applicant to take employment overseas. Consultancies will accept the profiles which have a higher chance of success. And those who meet the evaluation criteria based on the selected country’s eligibility will be accepted.

Our Support

Our service costs are minimal & you can be assured that your resume is received by hundreds of employers & placement agencies - Who are valid Licence Holding Agencies, authorized to recruit International workforce for Canada with approval of their Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). An LMIA confirms that there is no Canadian or permanent resident available, and the employer can fill the job with a foreign worker - this is while you do nothing yourself. You sit back & get on with your regular routine while your profile is consistently marketed by us.

Immigrate to United Kingdom

We work together with OISC registered advisers who can help you with your UK visa applications.

The UK has introduced a number of new UK immigration categories in the last few years. The points based skilled immigration category the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, introduced in January 2002, proved to be very successful. However, it has been replaced by Tier 1 (General), part of the UK's new five-tier points based system.

The United Kingdom's Tier 1 (General) immigration scheme for highly skilled migrants has replaced the previous Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP). You can assess your chances of qualifying for a Tier 1 (General) visa at any time by using our points calculator. No employer is required.

New Zealand Work Permit

In New Zealand, work permits are broadly divided into the New Zealand Work to Residence Visa and the General Work Visa. The Work to Residence visa or WTR allows a candidate to apply for permanent residency after two years of work in New Zealand and may be obtained by securing sponsorship from an accredited New Zealand employer, possessing exceptional talent in the arts or sporting fields, or by applying for a position which features on the Long Term Skill Shortage List. In all cases, WTR permits are multiple entry visas for leaving and entering New Zealand and are valid for 30 months.

Working (Employment) Schengen Visa – Residence Permit

Working visa is an authorization of the designated country/countries of destination within the Schengen Area issued to the citizens of countries that have mandatory visa requirements from the Schengen Zone for the sole purpose of traveling in the designated Schengen country/countries in order to engage in a working activity commonly ordained by the Company Institution inside the Schengen Zone. The holder of this type of visa is not required to have the citizenship of the designated country in order to be working for a Company Institution in the Schengen Area as well as reside alone or with his/her family in the designated Schengen country.

Who needs a Working Schengen Visa?

Citizens of the USA, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, as well as EU citizens may apply for their residence permit after entering the Schengen territory without a visa.

Citizens of other countries must apply and get a residence permit before entering the Schengen territories for work purposes. This option is also available to the citizens of the countries who could otherwise enter without a visa first.

Dynamic Strategies assists you with the visa application, strategizing on your case, documentation review, forms & filing. After you get your visa, our partner in European (EU) countries will pick you up from the airport, give you a personal tour of the city, give you a one hour orientation & take you to arranged accommodation. Our Job Search Department will work on your resume, send it to employers & placement agencies in Germany/France/Belgium/Denmark/Norway, on your behalf & help you find a job & settle in Germany or other Schengen country.

Australia Work Permit

You can only apply for an Australian work visa if you have qualifications and experience in an occupation listed as being in need of workers and you must also have good English language skills as demonstrated by a score of at least 6 in each component of the IELTS test. There are several lists of eligible occupations:

If your occupation is on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL), you may be eligible to apply for an independent visa. These visas are permanent; there is a points test and formal skills assessment for your occupation is required before a visa application can be lodged.

Each Australian state and territory has a State Migration Plan (SMP) which lists the occupations for which state sponsorship is available.

Once you have state sponsorship, you can apply for a state sponsored visa. These visas are points tested and skills assessment is required. State sponsored visas receive very high processing priority and are processed much faster than independent visa applications.

Work Permit assistance for Canada, European (EU) Countries, Australia, Singapore, Middle East Countries & NZ.


Study in Canada

Study in CanadaStudy in Canada.

Study in Germany

Study in GermanyStudy in Germany.

Our Job Interview Preparation Services includes:

  • Stage 1 - Preparation: We help you prepare questions to ask and to be asked;

  • Stage 2 - First Impressions Count: We prepare the importance and methods for creating the First impression;

  • Stage 3 - The Interview: We assist you in knowing yourself, your occupation, your organization, improving your Body Language and the Art of Establishing Your Rapport;

  • Stage 4 - The Final Stage: 100 top Interview Questions,

The Important step in preparing for an interview is to do a thorough self-assessment so that you will know what you have to offer an employer. It is very important to develop a complete inventory of skills, experience, and personal attributes that you can use to market yourself to employers at any time during the interview process.

The interview is a two-way exchange of information.

For a detailed explanation of each category, please Contact us, Today...

Our Value-added Services:

At Dynamic Strategies, we support Corporate Houses as well as Individuals in Problem Solving, both Specific and Generic as per their requirements.

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Germany Job-seeker Visa:

* It allows you to search for a job and interview with employers and getting an employment visa becomes simple.
* Once a person secures a job, applicant can apply for a residence permit- employment after completing 3 years of residence.
* IELTS not required.
* A person can apply for a skilled worker residence permit with the help of a sponsorship from local employer, once he is successful in securing a job in Germany.

Eligibility - Germany Job-seeker Visa:

* Education: Possess a recognized qualification from German Universities or foreign degrees equal to German Degrees.
* (Compulsory) Adequate Funds and Accommodation for the intended stay in Germany (6 months).
* (Compulsory) Medical and Travel Insurance.
* Employment: Sufficient years of experience in the selected occupation can help you in finding jobs in Germany (not a mandatory requirement).


Disclaimer: Dynamic Strategies Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (known as Dynamic Strategies) is primarily an Immigration, Visa & Management consulting company that offers advice globally.

We are a company registered under Ministry of Corporatre Affair (Govt. of India) (Reg. No. U72200HR2013PTC048383), and are not affiliated with any govt. agency. but We work only with Regulated Licensed (Globally Recognized) Immigration Advisers.

All the official fee payment if any and form purchasing will be done from the government offices directly as we don't sell anything that can be procured from any Govt. Office.

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