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The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think. - Edwin Schlossberg

Writing Skills Training

Writing Skills

Writing Skills

The problem of long-winded and overly complicated business writing continues to drain productivity. Billions of dollars of management time are spent preparing letters, memos and reports — and few people stop to think about the cost of time wasted reading material that is unclear or confusing. Training that is targeted at improving writing skills should be an essential part of training.

“To do our work, we all have to read a mass of papers. Nearly all of them are far too long. The discipline of setting out the real points will prove an aid to clearer thinking, while the savings in time will be great.” — Winston Churchill

The aim of the Business Writing Training is to help you to dramatically improve the clarity, look and impact of your writing. This will increase your productivity by being comprehendable without too many repetitions.

Business writing techniques are presented in logical order, concentrating on two main areas:

1. Understanding the Audience

• Understand the audience
• Clarify the purpose for writing
• Using channels of communication effectively (email, fax, memos etc.)

2. Writing Style and Techniques

• Choice of words, length and content of sentences
• How to structure ideas — bottom line first
• How to write good memos and summaries
• How to improve the look of your writing
• Using headings and visuals for impact

The focus of the training will be on:

• Getting to the point
• Tone
• Use of non-discriminatory language
• Punctuation, grammar and spelling
• E-mail Etiquette